Friday, April 29, 2005

Weird Happenings

Other Dimensions

We seem to be in some sort of weird vortex here at the Tumbleweed Crossing. Non-living objects seem to disappear and then appear when ever they want to. Either that or there are little mice, or gremlins, or elves, (or possibly aliens) that move things around without the consent of the owners. Take for instance – I had some vegetable seeds left over at the end of the growing season last summer. I put them were I was sure I would remember and be able to find them to plant this spring. And I did find them about the first of March, but decided it was too early to plant them. So I put them – well I was sure I had put them in the plastic bag of new flower seeds, and garden gloves that I bought about the same time. Only by the time I wanted to plant them in April all I could find were the new packets of seeds. I looked and looked and looked but could not find the old seed packets that were already open. I decided that they had accidentally got thrown out in the trash, and bought some more. Only the very next day there they were in the bag of new flower seed. There is no way I could have over looked them that many times. Some how they went to the other dimension and returned or the gremlins have been playing tricks again.
And there was the day that hubby couldn’t find a part to his table saw. I knew he was in the garage doing something, but what. When I finally went out, he said he had been looking for the part for a half an hour but couldn’t find it. I took a quick look, pointed at some thing on the workbench and said, “Is that it?” Disgustly he picked it up, and said, “I know I looked there a dozen times.”
Take the time I was looking for the can of black spray paint that I was sure I had just used minutes before. It was nowhere to be found, nor could hubby find it. I gave up. I bought another can a few days later and finished my project. A couple of days later there were 2 cans of black paint setting on the shelf.
Every year at tax time, when we finally finish, I put the copies of all the papers where I am sure I can find them next year. Come the next year they are never in the box that I am sure I put them in. After tearing the house apart to find them I discover them in another box that is the last place I would have ever put them.
Do you have this problem? Do your small inanimate, non-living objects move around or just disappear from right under your nose never to be seen again, or else be moved to strange places? Do you ever think that you might have gremlins, or spirits that are playing tricks on you? Let me know by leaving your comments.

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