Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Its cool, and cloudy and quiet. Or I thought it was quiet. Hot air balloons are up and at it again. What kind of a person can get up that early and drive all the way out to our section of the world to inflate a balloon and fly it over people, dogs, and horses that don't want to see and hear them?
Horses are fed and not fussing to much at balloons. Dogs have stopped barking at them. Hope they are all down, packed up and gone.
I was going to ride this morning but not sure now. BlackJack has a nasty scrape on side of his head near his eye and where bridle would rub it, and off his feed a bit. We are now changing this to a day of rest for him and me. Might decide to work with Star and Nita. They could use it. Or with the dogs.
Me rest! Hah! The doctor told me I have sciatica. Damage to the sciatic nerve. The nerve that runs down your spine and then down each leg. It doesn't hurt to bad when I'm standing, but when I sit down or lay down it pinches the nerve and starts cutting of the circulation, as well as causing lots of pain and muscle spasms. Who would have ever thought of that happening. Rest is not all that easy to come by anymore.
Have laundry to do and want to plant some more morning glory and sunflower seeds up by the front gate. Don't know if they will grow there or not but going to give it a try.

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