Thursday, May 12, 2005

Email Address Names

Humans have a tendency to collect things. It seems to be something that is genetically breed into us. No other animal or critter on earth collects things to the extent that the human animal does. Each and everyone out there collects something. I don’t think we intentionally start out to collect things, but we do it anyway. We find something we like and start collecting them. Many people collect art objects, or antiques, or books, or plants, or pets, (as I do, along with everything else I have listed here). Others may collect children, or husbands, or rocks, or stuffed toys, or Disneyland stuff, or shoes, or videos, or CD’s, or records, or photos, or – well I could go on and on. Anyway you get the picture. Anything that has ever been invented, found, made, or dreamed up is collected somewhere by someone.
But did you ever realize that there seems to be a trend toward collecting email address. When email first became part of our modern culture, and way of life, most people were thrilled to have just one email. Now I talk to people and it seems everyone has several email address, maybe even a dozen or so. It seems that most of my family has on average at least five email address’. I have four at this time. And I remember having at least five others that are now dead.
So I got to thinking about what makes people want to have so many email addresses. First we get our first one. It’s thrilling. It makes us feel special. It makes us feel one of the crowd. It makes us feel as if we are fitting into the now generation of computer nerds. Okay. But I have noticed a different trend toward getting emails in odd and very strange names. If you have to have an email at work it is usually something related to your true name. The one you received from your parents when you were born. Those that get an email address for their own private use, usually for there home PC, invariably chose something weird, or something that pertains to a hobby they have, or their children, or the name they wish their parents had named them. That last idea seems to be one of the most popular ideas for email address, especially if the user of the email doesn’t intend to let anyone know about his/her secret email, with his/her secret name. Think about a few of my old ones, - nicdee, codee, ponyeetails, ponee333, starrdust, and some others I have known, - maxtus, laddybugg, cooldude, mickymanic, frilling, cattmom, sagegray, shadyjade. These don’t even sound like names at all to me.
So you ask if it’s so secret how do I know people do this? Well, it doesn’t seem to take much to get people to admit that they have a secret email, which uses their secret name. Do you know anyone that really likes his or her birth name? Neither do I. Be it Mary, or Charles, or George, or Jane we all wish it was something else. Like –(and I’m still talking first names here) Mairya, or Rainbow, or Jade, or Chance, or Paisley, or Colby, or Blue, or Trent, or Chase, or Lilia, or Tally. Or maybe your name is Rainbow and you wish it was just plain Jane. Or Chase wants to be a common name like Henry.
Getting that email in your fantasy name is a great way to express yourself for who you really are. And if getting an email fantasy name is great, getting your own website in your own special name is even better. Used to be we had to pay to get that special domain name. Now there are homepages and even better are blog sites. On blog sites we can do more than have that secret name, we can write about and actually (sort of) publish our dreams, longing, thoughts, opinions, and long withheld personal stories.
To top that off it seem as if any name that you dream up has already been dreamed up by one or even a dozen other people. Take my two blog names. I thought they were really unique and different when I chose them and, wonder of wonder; I was the first to choose them for the bog sites I applied for. Only when I put the names into some of the search engines to see if they came up – like in Google, MSN search, Yahoo search, and others. Well you know what happened. There they were, already used by lots and lots of people for lots and lots of different reasons.
So here I am trying to come up with a new and different email address and blog site name that no one and I mean no one else will have ever used.
Yeah, I hear you; you’re saying GOOD LUCK, and NO SUCH THING.

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