Friday, May 13, 2005

Fan Fiction

Did the title of this article get your attention? Do you know what fan fiction is? Most people don't. So I will try to explain. Fan fiction is fiction stories writen by you and I or anyone else about TV showes and movies. Another wards you really, really are a fan of a certain show - I'll use Gunsmoke as an example - and you think that maybe you could write stories as good or a lot better than the ones you are watching on TV. Okay so you sit down and write your story. Only what do you do with it now? You can try to get your family and friends to read it. (You find out that they really don't like the show and don't want to read your story. Or if they do read it, they don't like it and you can't figure out why) You can shove it in a desk drawer and forget it. Or - you can send it to a fan fiction publisher and see if you will publish it with the next batch of fan fiction stories.
When I first got into fan fiction most of it was published by small time publishers that did it in as cheep as possible, in a cheep magazine or newpaper form, (usually on an old printer) and then sold it to the people writing the stories for an outragious price. ($10 and up was not unusual for a copy of anywhere form 10 to 50 pages of stories. The more pages the higher the price.) Most of them were sold at flee markets, garage sales, rummage sales, school craft sales, Star Trek conventions, etc. Another words there wasn't much market for them. And no one, the publisher included, made any money.
Then came computer published. That really helped the fan fiction writer. Don't think your going to make any money writing fan fiction. You can't get paid for writing about a set and characters that someone else has already made up.
But it is fun. It is a great way to find out if you really have what it takes to write. And sometimes it is more fun to read what others have read.
So - give it a try.
One of my favorite fan fiction sites is
Most of the stories are about all the western TV show that have been around longer that most of us have been alive. Women writers block is easy to get around on, find the new and old stories, by either the name of the show or the writers. You can find some of my fan fiction stories there under my fan fiction name of Stardust.
Let me know what you think of them.

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