Saturday, May 21, 2005

Full Moon Crazies

Did you ever notice how a full moon brings out the crazy people? It seems as if a full moon can make the normal people act insane. Monday May 23rd will be another full moon, but already I am seeing stupid, dumb, idiot stunts by normall people. Take for instance - drivers are a lot worse about speeding, tail-gating, and driving to slow than ususal. Some parent on our street is letting their children ride their bikes in the dark on a busy intersection (Tumbleweed Crossing). I saw them and had time to stop, another women came closer to hitting one, (and she wasn't speeding), she stopped and told them they shouldn't be riding there, but it didn't do any good. Over in the arroyo a large group is having a party (I guess that is what you call it). They have their music so loud I can hear it. Now mind you they are about a quarter of a mile away from me. I sure hope they turn it down soon, and I am sure my neighbors wish the same thing. Did those people stop to think that there are people who actually live out here and don't want those from somewhere else invading our neighborhood to have their cookouts and parties? No, of course they didn't.
I think a full moon is a beautiful sight up in the sky with the stars surrounding it, but everytime we have one I hope it is over soon and that no one gets hurt.

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