Sunday, May 22, 2005

Full Moon

The full moon may bring out the crazy people and make normal people crazy but I still think it is beautiful and a very special time. A full moon affects the tides and animals as well as people. I notice that my animals seem to get into sort of crazy moods during a full moon. The horses act more skitish and spook at every little thing. They prefer to stay out in the field rather than come into their small pens. The cats try their darnest to get out at night and stay out refussing to be persuided to come in. And of course the dogs actually go out and howl at the moon. My German Shepherd, Codee, looks up at the moon and barks and growls at it.
Okay, even I feel the pull of the moon when it is full. I stay outside and watch the moon as it comes up over the Sandia Mountains to the east of Albuquerque. It is usually a pretty sight. The big round moon, more white than yellow, peaking up over the mountain, pushing through the small clouds that are in its way until it is shining down so it can light up the desert so I can see without the need of a light. I stare trying to see the man-in-the-moon, or the bear-in-the-moon. I sometimes feel I can actually see the craters. I don't know if I can or if it is just wishful thinking.
A shudder runs through my body and I wonder if the ghosts and goblins, are out watching the moon come up with me. Maybe a vampire is hiding in a clump of cactus. I hear coyotes howling, and watch rabbits playing in the light of the moon. Even they feel the pull.
I toss my head back, open my mouth and try to mimic the coyotes. I, too, am feeling a bit crazy.

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