Monday, April 18, 2005


OK. Enough already. I have decided that Mother Nature is playing very naughty tricks on New Mexico this year. Not only did she loose spring somewhere far away from us, she has now replaced spring with a several tornados. Now for those of you who don't live in NM you might like to know that we don't have very many tornados here. And usually when we do they are small ones that don't do much damage, if any. But we had two, count them, 2 tornados over the weekend. There were at least two and may have been more, but there were only two caught on video that touched down. Did you know a funnel cloud has to touch ground to be considered a real tornado. That is according to the new channels here. There were serverl sightings of funnel clouds near the Albuquerque area but only two were seen to touch down, and thankfully didn't do any damage. Of course the funnel clouds and tornados were followed by rain, sleet, and hail. Some of the storm did do damage to a small strip mall that was being re-roofed and it didn't get finished in time. Plus a lighting strike caused a power outage in a lot of Rio Rancho for a while. All of this was on Saturday with the first tornado. I didn't see anything but the rain and hail as I was warm and cozy in my livingroom watching a bit of TV as I waited for the storm to pass. Now yesterday on Sunday the other torando was spotted by the Channel 13 news crew and photographed as it passed to the south of Albuquerque near the town of Belen. Again it didn't do any damage as it touched ground in a vacent field.
But enough is enough. Thank you very much, Mother Nature, but we have had our share of tornados and do not want any more.
I consider New Mexico to be one of the saver states to live in when it comes to natural disasters, and calamites. We have very few tornados, only minor earthquakes, (so far), and no hurricanes. We do have some bad rain and snow storms from time to time, along with sleet and hail, and lighting strikes are common, but over all it's not a bad place to live.

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