Friday, April 29, 2005


I have hundreds of purple iris blossoms. They make for a nice show around the base of my trees. But ----- what happened to the fancy colored iris I used to have? I used to have all different kinds of colors from dark brown to golden brown, and bronze, to verious shades of blue and purple, and whites, with blue and purple, and even yellow. Some of them even smelled like the color. A certain brown smelled like root beer, and a special yellow smelled like limon. Now they are all puple with a basic iris smell.
Again I ask - What happened? I know a lot about raising iris and lots of other flowers but this is something I can't find out anymore information about. Did they all revert back to the old-fashioned purple iris? That is what seems the most likely. It is my understanding that all iris came from a common purple color but years of selective breeding has produced hundreds of beautiful colors. I used to have quite a few but now none of them ever bloom.
If you have an opinion on the disappearence of my fancy iris colors please leave a comment and let me know.

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