Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My flowers are trying to bloom. It can be a difficult and exhusting chore for a little blossom when trying to bloom in a windy, dusty, hot desert. The daffidills and tulips have already been blown away. The iris are trying. At least they are doing better this spring than they did last year. I have lots of the old fashioned purple blossoms but none of my fancy yellows, whites, blues, or browns seem to have survived the move of 2 years ago. The peach tree I put out last fall tried to bloom and did have a few but they, too, were blown away, as were the orinaminal flowering cherry, and Bradford pear. Now the Black Tartarian Cherries seem to have faired a bit better. And leaves on all are nice and green and growing. Like the Tartarians, my Redbud trees are blooming their tiny, pale purple orchid-like blossoms and the leaves are starting to appear. Hope the cottonwoods, vitex, and althea remember to come back, too.
Of course you may wonder why I try to grow flowers in the desert. I have to admit I just can't help it. Somehow the yen to grow things was passed down to me from my parents as it had been passed down to them from their parents and so on back for who knows how many generations. When the first warm days of spring bring the songbirds out to sing, and the bee's to buzzing I can't help but find a few left over seeds from last year, and eagerly run out to plant them with hopes for a fruitful vegie garden with lots of flowers mixed in. I planted a handfull of morning glories, marigolds, four-o-clocks, and sunflowers this morning. I have hopes that they will sprout and grow.

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  1. i love flowers. but have a black thumb. can't grown a think. if you can do it, do it, i always say.