Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Spring: The Lost Season

So it started out as a bad day. And it hasn't gotten any better. This afternoon it is in the high 60's and will probably reach 70 or 72 degrees this afternoon. Now how can that be this early in the year? Just two days ago there was a light frost when I got up. On that same day there was a TV report that there was as much as two feet of snow in Denver, Co. Denver isn't that far from us. A week ago Raton Pass in northern New Mexico was closed because of snow. Which meant that there were was no traffic moving either north or south from Denver to Albuquerque or vice versa. What did that mean? That the motels, hotels, cafes, gas stations, and any other kind of bussness, in the area of Raton Pass, that catered to travelers was thrilled.
Now we have heat. There are many places that don't know what the four seasons are: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Places like - Florida, Hawaii, Alabama, south Texas, southern California, southern Arizona, and even southern New Mexcio. But according to all the information I can find the Albuqueque, N. M. area is supposed to have the regular four seasons. Some how Mother Nature always forgets. She is prone to leaving out Spring. Does she loose Spring somwhere along the line? It certainly seems like it. At my home we have many cold, cold days of winter, followed by a windy season, and then we jump right in to Summer. Hot Summer.
I ask all my readers to keep this thought in mind. If you should run into Mother Nature in your travels, please tell her that those of us that live here in Albuquerque would really like her to find Spring and return it to it's rightfull place between Winter and Summer.

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