Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Crossing

I wonder how I came to be living at a Tumbleweed Crossing. It may have something to do with the fact that I was born in the desert. I have been asked if tumbeweeds the only thing that cross here? Diffently not. Many, many things cross here. My property is a corner lot where two roads come together making a crossing. Lets call them Tenth Road and I Road. There is lots more traffic here than I expected when I moved here about two years ago. The roads are dirt road but seem to be a major intersection for our little rural community. All day there is a stream of cars, pickups, construction trucks, prpane trucks, utility trucks, motorcycles, and frequently ATV's.
Each morning about 7:30 when I feed the horses I see the high school age girl from next door run out just in time to catch the school bus. An hour later her younger brother and sister catch a different bus. There is a man who jogs by going west on I Road every morning about 11:00 am. About 10 minutes later he goes by again but going east. In the afternoon the kids come home from school and walk their little poodle up and down the road. Friquently some other girls from a few roads over ride their ponies by.
Wildlife find Tenth and I Road a favorite crossing site, also. We have lots of rabbits, both cottontails, and jack rabbits. Coyotes sing to us each night as they hunt for their rabbit suppers. There are lots of birds including doves, quail, sparrows, curved bill trash, hawks, owls, and a buzzard that floats by now and then.
I find myself crossing here as I come and go to work, or the store or where ever. Maybe someday you'll find yourself at Tumbleweed Crossing.

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