Saturday, April 23, 2005


Why would we like to play, email, publish, and just plain goof-off with such obstinate, willfull, stubborn, ornery, hellish, mind-of-their-own critters as computers? and telephones?
I am really, really wondering why we ever invented these horrible machines. First I thought it was something wrong with my computer even though it is only about a year old. Then I thought it was a problem with the server, which was part of it, but not the only reason I couldn't get onto the internet and stay on the internet. I was playing a yo-yo game, or so it seemed. I logged on, server kicked my off, I logged on, server kicked me. And on, and on, and on. Finally I realized I was having problems hearing people when I made phone calls on my landline phone, and they were having problems hearing me. There was way to much static, buzzing, and un-identified noise for even way out here in the desert boondocks.
So I called my phone company who told me it was a power surge from the electric company. Being very iliterate conserning phones, electic, and sure I thought that might be reasonable considering we did friquently get power surges here. In fact I had alreally been having long phone calls with the electic company about fried coffee pots, sterios, and fish tank lights which had not been very benifical. So I called the power company who said there was nothing wrong with the electic. Next I called the phone company back and was told it must be that my phones weren't working right. I bought a new phone. It didn't work either since I still had static on the line. I put up with it and tried using a different server. Didn't any work better.
No luck, except bad luck.
So back to the phone company. This time they agreed to send someone out to check. He came. Fittled with the outside box and even climbed the nearest pole and said nothing wrong, to call back if the problem pressisted. It pressisted. I called back. Another man came out. He wanted to know if the first guy checked the jacks inside the house. I said no. He said he should have. He did. Didn't really find anything wrong but changed them to new ones anyway. Still had static. He climbed the pole outside the yard. Then he went and climbed one down the street about a mile. Don't know what he did but he fixed the problem or for now the phone seems to be working. And my server has been letting me stay on line for longer than 30 seconds.
I heaved a big sigh.
Now I can't send emails on my hotmail account. It won't let me type in the compose section. I can type everywhere else, but not there. So of course I can't even send a complaint to hotmail. And of course my hotmail account is what I use for this blog.
I'm screaming and tearing my hair out now.
And my son is calling saying his truck won't run.

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