Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Biscuits and Molasses

I may be a lover of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but mornings do not fall into any of those categories. They are in a category all by themselves. One I shall call YUCK. As you can assume I am not a morning person. But – having a large collection of pets demands that I get up and take care of them each and every morning. Believe me you never get a day off from morning feedings of four horses, three dogs and five cats. As well as a fish tank with four fish in it. This morning I was awakened as usual by the dogs at 7:00 am. (I never set the alarm clock anymore unless I need to get up earlier.) I put the dogs out, and poured a cup of yesterday’s coffee and heated it in the microwave. Having a yen for biscuits yesterday I had made some for supper, which meant there were some left over for breakfast. I don’t normally eat breakfast this early, but I was a bit hungry and thought why not since there were biscuits. Having more of a yen for something different (or else reverting back to childhood when biscuits and molasses were a staple for either desert or breakfast) I pulled out a jar of molasses, poured several tablespoons on a saucer, added a big dollop of margarine (with a thought that real butter would have been better) and promptly dropped that molasses and butter loaded knife down the side of my robe. Now a raggedy purple robe is not improved by the addition of gooey, sticky molasses and butter. But there it was never-the-less. I picked up the knife, dropped it in the sink, took off the robe and dropped it in the washer, added a bit of laundry soap, set the cycle to pre-wash and returned to my bedroom to pull on the required jeans and sweatshirt for the day. Returning to the kitchen I decided to make another try at breakfast. There was still enough molasses on the saucer so I added another bit of butter. Mixed it up and stood at the cabinet slopping dry, hard biscuits in sticky molasses and butter. After a few minutes I needed the addition of a swallow of coffee to get the mess down. So I took a drink and it promptly went down the wrong way and I thought I would choke to death. Of course there were no other humans home to help me, and the dogs just sat staring at me hoping I would drop biscuits on the floor for them. I did survive, as the writing of this blog will prove. But I can tell it is not going to be a good day.

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