Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cat Feeding Commotion

This morning the 4 cats were doing their winding and weaving, and begging dance on the cabinets asking for their breakfast. The cats are fed on the kitchen cabinets to keep the dogs from taking their food.Morning is the only time they get canned food. The rest of the day it is dry food. So I put out the 4 bowls, and divided one small can of cat food between all 4 cats. Of course Twinki had hers done in 3 seconds as she always does and was trying to take the others. I pushed her back from one of the other cats and she stepped up on an almost empty plastic container that is used for hard candy, (mostly peppermints for the horses) and the way she stepped on it caused it to slide across the cabinet into the dry cat food bowl spilling all of it and then both the dry cat food bowl and the plastic candy container crashed to the flood scattering peppermints and cat food kibbles. Of course this caused all the cats to spook. 2 took off for the bedroom and the one cat that eats on the other side of the cabinets, about 4 feet away jumped straight up into the air, came down in his food bowl causing it to fall to the floor, right beside where one of the dogs was eating, where it decided it was a top and twisted round and round and round. I couldn't believe how long it kept going. The dog, Ziva, had disappeared as fast as the cats. I think they all went to the bedroom which is considered a safe zone.
I couldn't do anything but laugh, as Twinki who had caused all the commotion came back out and sat calmly on the cabinet looking at all the mess of 4 cat bowls scattered and a lot of the canned cat food with it. One bowl had landed in the 1 gallon container of pet water and splashed water all over the kitchen. Tuffee our Border Collie was peaking around one end of the cabinet to see if it was safe to come out. Slowly the other 3 cats came creeping back from the bedroom to see what had happened while I started cleaning up water and cat food. It took about a half an hour to get Ziva to come back out and still she didn't want to finish her food for about another hour.
And the camera was in the other room, but it all happened so fast, that I would have never had time to get it.

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  1. That sounds like quite a commotion alright. Just what you need first thing in the morning. At least you've got a good sense of humor about the whole cleaning up mess. Never a dull moment with animals.