Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Wrong Number?

I received several calls last week, on my cell phone, wanting to speak to some one at a Counseling and Psychotherapy center. At first it was a big surprise and from what I got from one caller I thought that he was drunk or on something and really did need counseling. He was insistent that he had been calling my number for years for the center. I assured him I had had the number for a long time and that I had no connection to the center. I finally had to hang up on him.
While on the computer I wondered what would happen when you googled a phone number. Nothing when I did his unless I wanted to pay for info, which I didn't. Next I googled mine.
My number came up on 2 web sites, USA Health Care Guide, and NPI db, both give addresses and phone number of doctors and other health care services including a certain Counseling and Psychotherapy Center.
I googled the Counseling Center and found their correct phone number. It was one digit off from my number. I spent several days calling them and emailing them and the web sites and FINALLY was able to get my phone number off of those sites.
So if you get really strange wrong number call, take time to google your number and see if it shows up in some strange and weird place that you have never had any contact with.
And another thing. Take time to double check all information if you are putting it on a web site where anyone might use the information. I am appalled at all the dumb mistakes I see on web sites, newspapers, magazines, and in books. Jay Leno only touches on a minor few of them on his show every once in a while.

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