Friday, February 24, 2012

Uninvited Guest

We had an uninvited guest for breakfast this morning. I went out to feed the horses at 8 am. I know, most of you have already fed your horses by then. But I bet none of you feed at 9 in the evening like I do, so I can sleep in a little and feed a little later. And yes, they get a light feed at about 3 in the afternoon, too. And yes, they are very spoiled.
Anyway. I went out to feed. Fed Nita. Fed the ponies and was leaving their pen when the dogs cut loose and ran up to the front gate almost beside me. Now we frequently have loose dogs, (I won't call them strays as they have homes and owners that don't want to keep them home) plus the corner of our property is where the schoolbus picks up the kids and lets them off in the afternoon. So when the dogs started barking I expected to see a loose dog or someone on the street. Was I ever surprised to see a coyote standing about 20 feet from my fence. And there was my old black cat, Murphy sitting by the dogs watching the coyote, too. (Of course I didn't have the camera.) For about a half a minute I watched the coyote and it watched me, my 2 dogs, and my cat. I don't know if he was planning on having cat for breakfast or was just curious about what was going on.
I decided he needed to be on his way, so I yelled at him which made the dogs bark worse. He turned and walked back into the road. I yelled again and with a backward look at us he walked up the road to where I couldn't see him any more.
I quickly looked around to see if I could see our other boy cat, Wiley, as both these 2 cats insist on going out with me to feed the horses every morning. Also, so that they can use our huge sandpile of a yard instead of having to use the litter box. (I refuse to let our 2 little girl cats get in the habit of this.) There was Wiley under one of our trucks watching the goings on.
I finished feeding the last horse, Star, and ushered the cats into the house for their breakfast.


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  2. Phew. That was close, eh? Coyotes and cats don't mix. One time, hubby and I were hiking in a canyon up in Rancho Mirage and I found a cat collar...shudder...