Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More on Beet Pulp

I have been using the beet pulp pellets for my horses, Cheryl says she uses the shredded beet pulp for her horses. Just want to say there seems to be a big difference in the price. A bag sold under a well-known name at one feed store was a lot more than a locally manufactured bag of beet pulp pellets at a different feed store. I should add that the first store is where I normally buy my grain that is a local brand while the second store that had the cheaper beet pulp has a more expensive horse grains. Confusing?
On top of that Cheryl says the shredded beet pulp is cheaper for her to buy while the shredded is more expensive at both feed stores here than the pellets.
If using any kind of bagged products for horses or livestock check prices at all stores if you want the best price but then many people want to go with a certain brand.

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