Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Thanks for Comments

Please read Lisa and Cheryl's comments on adopting animals on my last post. They say it better than I can. And, I will say again, as I have on other post, that all my horses and ponies were being thrown away when I took them in. I know that so many, many of you have adopted pets that need homes and I am so glad every time I hear a new story of this. I only wish that the rest of the people in the US and the world could learn to appreciate their animal as the few of us do.
Yes, Lisa, I have traveled many miles with pets in my life, too. My dad was in the Air Force and we moved about every two years. Until I was about 12 it was with an elderly parakeet beside me and my sisters. Then we started collecting pets and they always moved with us. When I was 15 we moved from Sandpoint, ID to Albuquerque with a small dog, a cat, a parakeet, and 2 of the little turtles (that are now banned due to salmonella). 2 years later we moved to Phoenix, AZ with 2 small dogs, a cat, a canary, and the parakeet. A year later my parents and my sisters took the same critters to Silver City, NM but by then I was in the Navy where I met my husband. Our first trip with pets was with 2 cats from San Diego, CA to Petersburg, WV where I met my in-laws (who didn't care for cats) and then on to Wakegan, IL. Then we took the same 2 cats back to Silver City 4 months later. By the time hubby and I left Silver City 4 years later we had 2 different cats plus a German Shepard and we moved to Albuquerque. One more trip in 1982 when my son was 15 months old involved 3 cats, 2 dogs, and about 10 finches, parakeets, and canaries back to Silver City for about 6 months and then we all came back to Rio Rancho where we have stayed. My sisters have all had similar moves with lots of dogs, cats, and kids. I understand my grandparents and great grandparents always took all their dogs, cats, and favorite horses and mules with them when they moved. For some of us since they are family there is not thought about leaving them behind regardless how much trouble they are.

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