Friday, February 03, 2012

Disconnected Phone

  • So I disconnected our landline phone this week. I have heard that there lots and lots of people doing that now that just about everyone has a cell phone. We had that landline phone for 28 years. Long before cell phones were much more than a dream. It really felt weird to call and have it disconnected but with lots of though we realized that we were paying about $30 a month for something we really didn't use. That adds up to about $400 a year. We could use that same money a lot better on feed bills, utilities, house mortgage, or something.

  • For the past year most of the calls I have received on my landline or house phone have been calls wanting me to take a political survey. I detest that. I don't want to do surveys for politicians or those that want to try to figure out who is going to vote for what politician. I do vote, but who I vote for is my business. I don't even watch much of the information on the news or in the papers about who is saying what or is thought to be who will win the election.

  • The other kind of calls I get on my landline are calls wanting me to give to some charity organization. I do give to certain organization but none of them ever call me. I make a point of not giving to those that do call me. If I want to give to a charity I will and all a phone call does is make me mad because they always come when I don't want to be disturbed. Usually during supper or while I am talking to some one on my cell phone.

  • We have 2 cell phones and get our internet connection through the same company. We use Verizon but only because every one in my family uses them and most of my friends. That means that when I talk to family and friends it is mobile to mobile and doesn't eat up minutes.

  • I decided that any of the business calls I make - doctors, utilities, stores, ect. - wouldn't take more than the amount of peak minutes I have on my phone. We usually don't use more that about half the peak minutes we are paying for so why not use more of them instead of paying for another phone.

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  1. We are thinking about getting rid of our land line. The only people who call us on it are our kids (and we all have cell phones), or...yes...pollsters and people selling something.