Monday, March 05, 2012

Non Windy Day

We had a really nice day today. There was no wind. Lots of sun. But not to hot or cold. A perfect New Mexico day.
I spent the day following hubby around the yard as he dug out sand around all the trees and shrubs so that they now have new waterwells and arn't suffocating with all that dirt around their base. After the waterwells were dug I added a couple of shovel fulls of well rotted horse manure and then watered the heck out of the manure so that it started to fertilize the trees.
I do this each spring and it seems to help most of the trees and shrubs. There are a couple that haven't done much as far as growing and I blame it on all the caliche clay that we have in our soil.
We did trime the all the trees a couple of weeks ago so that there were no crossed branches and so that we could walk under all limbs. There is no fun in banging your head into a tree that is just the leval that you can't see it but your forehead can sure feel the pain.

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