Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Loose Horse

Here are photos of the loose horse we found on Sunday in the horrible wind storm that went across NM. This one was outside the mares pens when we went to do the morning feed. We figure she is less than 6 months old. And not hand trained. She won't let us touch her. Yet. She will if she stays here. We didn't know what to do with one this little. Was able to slowly work her around so that she entered our yard and then into an empty horse pen. We feed her and she is eating hay and drinking lots of water. She had chunks of cholla cactus in her tail and still does have a few but can't get them out yet. We called the county sheriffs department as we don't have an animal control offerer here anymore. They said they would give us a call if anyone called them. The same with Rio Rancho Animal Control this morning and the livestock board. We put a listing on Craig's List and a sign on the corner and have been watching for anyone that looks as if they are looking for a lost horse. So far nothing. I really don't need another one but couldn't leave her out on the road and hungry. Just hope she doesn't have some weird horse sickness that she will give to mine as she has been nose to nose with all of ours.