Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update on Filly

No one has responded to any of the ways I have tried to let people know I found the little lost baby horse. A man from the livestock board came by today as you are supposed to contact them when you find a loose horse, cow , or other types of livestock. He asked if we could keep her for a couple more days and if anyone came to claim her to call him and tell them they needed to call him. He said there would be a $35 charge to adopt her if we decided to do so, that is if no one claims her.
I did go out this afternoon (in the blowing wind and sand) and stood in her pen and talked to her. Finally she came up and smelled me and let me touch her nose. What a thrill to be able to touch a frightened, wild animal. I tried to give her a horse cookie but she didn't understand it was to eat. Smelled it and left it lay. Time will change that.

1 comment:

  1. Poor thing. Good for you for offering a place for her to stay in case her owners come forth. But what a bunch of hooey that the LB would charge you any money at all for adopting her....heck! they should be paying you boarding fees for keeping her and taking care of her for them!