Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Loose Horse

I can not understand why people can't keep their dogs and especially their horses from roaming the neighborhood. Last night, again, we had a loose horse out stomping around our fences upsetting my horses especially my blind mare. And the horse, as usual, managed to do some damage to my fences. I wish I could get the money from who ever lets their horses get loose for having to repair my fences. We are on a corner lot which means that every loose horse running down any of 4 roads comes right to our property and on realizing there are horses here come to see them being the social creature they are. But even though social the process of a 'meet and greet' causes a lot of squealing, kicking, rearing, biting, and destruction of any fences.
     And at 10 at night it is hard to even see the color of the horse for sure. Not only that someone appeared out of the night, caught the horse, and led it off with out even answering when I asked if they needed any help. No answer of a minor apology of any kind for upsetting my horses, or the fence repair that we had to do this morning. NO NOTHIN'!
      And it took me over an hour to get my blind mare to settle down. I have thoughts that she might be in season as it is the right time of the year for all mares to being coming in. And remember that we have caught three different stallions in our yard, two times for each of those three that now don't live near here. Two of those stallions we lost count on how many times we caught them. Then they were gelded and then they moved. Plus we have caught four other stallions at least once. I know one of those is still near here and it is possible that it came to see my mares. Plus a couple of geldings and a four different mares that either we let come in our yard so they could be caught or we went out on the street and helped catch them.
     But if I can manage to keep my horses contained (knock on wood, say prayers that it never happens to me) why can't other people do the same?
      Yes, some readers may remember that a few months ago my QH mare got out of her pen and wondered our yard. I have spent much money, time and effort making sure that all four horse pen gates open into our fenced yard so that if I accidentally don't get a gate shut good the horse is only loose in my yard not out on the street to get hit by a car or hurt a child, or destroy some one elses property.
     I can't understand why the average person around here is of the opinion that all male horses should be left stallions and all mares should have a foal every year. It is only making the over loaded horse population worse. And may of these 'mutt' horses are not animals that should be allowed to breed. The results are animals who do not have good looks or conformation and there seems to be a lot of in-breeding going on which can result in animals that aren't as intelligent. Yes, some of them can be good horses but not most of them.
       I wasn't planning on breeding my 'mutt' mare and when she went blind it made it even more imperative that I not breed her. As she is mostly Appaloosa she could have a genetic gene for blindness and that should not be passed on to any offspring. I wouldn't mind breeding my Quarter Horse mare but would only breed her to another registered horse which means that money wise I can't afford the stud fee, vet fees, and then any doctor bills if she has problems having it plus the additional feed bills for another horse. And no I would never breed to sell the foals as I am such a softy that I could never sell any horse, dog or cat (or even give them away) to any one as I would always fear that it would end up in the hands of someone who wouldn't care for it properly.


  1. You just don't know about some people...sigh...

  2. I hear ya. I've got one neighbor who lets her dogs roam free all the time and they come over into my yard to poop everywhere, chase my chickens and annoy my horse, goats and llamas...who are all safely kept on my own properly...and who are never permitted to trespass on anyone else's property without permission.
    I've brought it to the attention of this neighbor and she never apologizes or even makes any effort to contain her dogs. It really pisses me off.

    I have no interest in breeding my horse and have no right to as I'm not experienced at raising and training a foal, nor do I have the means to get it done. Plus, it's another mouth to feed, which is something I want to avoid.


  3. I would be very upset if stallions were running loose and visiting my mares at night. Yikes. We've had a neighbor gelding come visiting a couple times, but his owners figured out his tactic after the 2nd escape and reinforced their fencing. My mare got out when she ran right through her gate. Scared me to death. I replaced it with a bull gate. It happens sometimes; animals don't understand property boundaries. But to happen repeatedly means there is a people problem behind the break outs.