Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Los Mariachis Restaurant

Sarah and I met Dustin and his girlfriend Desirae at Los Mariachis restaurant for lunch. It is just off of the area called Old Mesilla which is kind of like our Old Town here in Albuquerque. Both the restaurants I went to did sure wine and beer. This day we all stuck with soft drinks since everyone but me were driving. None of us are big wine or beer drinkers.

Having eaten a late breakfast, Sarah and I split a quesadilla (melted cheese between to hot tortillas with guacamole and sour cream on top). Sarah doesn't care much for the hot in Mexican food which the quesadilla doesn't have but since Los Mariachis's salsa is a red and more to my liking I poured some on my part from the bowl of salsa that came with the tortilla chips. Desirae had a plate of gorditas (a thick corn tortilla fried, then split with meat, and cheese filling in it) as shown in the last photo. And Dustin had a plate of chili rellenos which are large chili peppers stuffed with a meat and cheese filling with a chili sauce poured over it. In Dustin's case it was green chili sauce. Of course the big question in New Mexico and all Mexican food restaurants is "Red or Green". This is not a question about Christmas but about which kind of chili sauce you want on your food. I prefer red.

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