Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chaparral, NM

Most of the area around Chaparral, NM where my son lives is flat desert country with a some low, rocky mountains. If you can call them mountains. Compared to what I call mountains they aren't much but still they are photogenic and nice to look at. The 1st photo is of the lower end of the Rio Grande River right before it goes into Texas. Chaparral is right at the Texas border near El Paso, Texas. Chaparral can hardly be called a town, more like a very small village. Remember my post from a few weeks ago that had photos of the river here in Albuquerque with lots of water, and several miles from Chaparral in the Anthony, NM area. Most of it goes into Elephant Butte Lake which is a big lake with lots of boating, fishing, and other recreation. I didn't go there this time. The rest goes to the farmers.
Other photos are just outside of Chaparral, NM.

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