Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beaded Horse

Sarah had to make a stop at the Dona Ana courthouse where there was a beaded horse she wanted me to see. But first as soon as we got there I saw palm trees. First palm trees I had seen in about 10 years. The drought has taken it's tole on the palms as did a very hard freeze last spring. I had seen were lots of the palms hadn't survived but these had done well here. This is the biggest, fanciest county courthouse I have ever seen. The one where I live is very small and looks to be over a hundred years old. Makes me wonder how Dona Ana County can afford this new building.
The first horse we saw was right inside the building and is life size and beaded. Yes, beaded with those very, tiny, seed beads that the American Natives like to use to make jewelry. There was actually a picture made from the beads that showed the Rio Grande Valley going through Dona Ana County. There were lizards, roadrunner, an owl, on the horse made out of beads. It was very beautiful. That is me standing by it. Next we went upstairs and saw a horse made out of newspaper. Yes, I said newspaper. It was made by a grade school class to show that recycled newspaper can make some nice.

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