Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Summer has fully arrived. It is hot, and I mean hot. I can't seem to keep the horse buckets, dog buckets, or the bird trays full of water. Neither can I keep enough water on the trees and garden. I finally was able to pull a zucchini squarsh, and have another one coming on, but no tomatoes yet. I do have some very tiny green ones but nothing showing any sign of red. By this time last year we had more tomatoes than we knew what to do with. I was giving them away, and eating them at every meal. Still not sure I would want to eat fried green tomatoes yet after all we ate last year.
The flowers have finally started blooming a bit. Have a very nice hot pink zinna that is doing well especially since Tuffee, my border collie, broke it before it ever started blooming. Didn't figure it would survive the break, but guess it repaired itself, and has had three nice blossoms since. Actually the best zinna I have ever grown.
Morning glories are sort of blooming. And so are the roses. Have a couple of goards coming on. But my two small pumkins are already turning yellow. Very strange.
We have had hints of rain, and a lot of the rest of state has had some, but not here. Could really use it.

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