Monday, August 15, 2005


I found out what a matmice or rather who a matmice is. A stuffed mouse named Matt. You can see him at mat/
He reminds me of a stuffed bear named Cindy that my niece used to take with her everywhere. Oh, do I remember the days of looking for a lost CindyBear. And my son, Dustin, had to stuffed animals. A seal, and a rabbit. Although his infatuation with Sealy and Rabbit didn't last as long as Cindy's did with CindyBear. (Yeah, you got it right. She named her bear after herself. At about the age of one year. And yes she is still that vain.)

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  1. My son has 3 stuffed animals he takes with him when we go on trips of on vacation. He calls them the Traveling Trio, which I think is cute. They are Drago the Dragon, Zairy Bear, and Pajama Bear (who is a dog but for some reason Sean has always thought of him as a bear!)