Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Corny Thoughts

One news channel gave a brief blurb about the fact that it is estimated that 30 percent of the US corn crop was already lost. Don't know if this is a fact yet or not but I can see the price of anything with corn in it rising as we speak. And have you ever considered how many products have corn in them?
Corn on the cob, corn in the can, and frozen corn in the bag.
Corn Flakes, (and all other cereals that have corn in them), corn tortillas, tamales, cornmeal, cornbread, corn fritters, corndogs-----and speaking of dogs, have you looked at the ingredient's in the dog and cat food lately? Corn is usually the number one item in that sack of food for your pet that you thought was mostly meat products. Then there is corn in the grain for your horse, cow, pig, sheep, and goat. And yes, that means the price of meat will take a jump as well.

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