Monday, August 29, 2005


It may be hot here at the Tumbleweed Crossing but the summer wild flowers are doing fine. Blooming their little hearts out. The wild sunflowers are huge. Some as tall as 6 foot and as much as 12 foot in diameter, with hundreds of small sunflowers covering the bushes. Blossoms are usually only about 4 inches across which is very small compared to their hy-bred cousins. But I think they are much more cheerful to look at. And the small birds love the seeds.
My wild four-o-clock is even bigger this year than last. It is trying to choke out a lilac bush and some iris that were growing near it. It is covered with small fushia blossoms every evening just as the sun goes down. About a 20 x 20 mass of green leaves and blossoms. Surprisingly there is a clump of comas near by that are the same fushia color. Who says mother nature can't think about how to plant her flowers for color combinations.
I, also, now have morning glories blooming as well as marigolds, and a few struggling roses. I love the big yellow/orange blossoms of the pumpkins and guards, and squarsh. I have more zucchini squarsh than I can eat. Wish I knew some one who liked it as much as I do to give some to.

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