Monday, August 29, 2005

Rats, Oh, Rats

Matmouse, and Mickey Mouse, Miney Mouse, Jerry Mouse, and even Pixie and Dixie Mouses are all good mice. Especially Mighty Mouse. But then there are the real mice. The little tiny creatures that invade your hay barn, and my junk shed. They are so tame they sit there and stare at you with those beady little eyes, just daring you to invade "Their domain" . And I do. But it doesn't make them leave. They just dive into those tiny little hiding places they have discovered, and wait for me to leave. As they are sure that I will.

Well, here is fair warning to all you mices.

I am declaring WAR.

So for the count is mice - 7. Me -2. And my cats - 4.
Sigh - seems the mice are winning.
I have been setting mouse traps but have only caught 2. I have 5 cats but they haven't bought me but 4 mice. Hopefully they are catching others that I am not aware of. Oh, and Codee, my German Shepherd dog was chasing one out through the tumbleweed this morning. But she let it get away.

More on the WAR of the MICE later.

(I hate those mices to pieces.)

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