Friday, August 12, 2005

Fire Danger

Hope no one is to close to all those horrible fires that are going on in so many of our states. I here on the news that they are really bad in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and Colorado. I watched at least a dozen slurry planes take off from the Albuquerque airport, circle to the west, come over my place, and then circle to head north. Not sure where they were going but I hope they help with what ever fire they were headed for. At this time I haven't heard of any here in New Mexico but with the lightning we are having today it is only a matter of time.
Please everyone be as careful with any kind of fire as you can be, burning weeds or trash, firecrackers, matches, or campers. We can't do much about lightning but we can watch what we do. Our forests, homes, and country are to precious to put in danger.

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