Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Handed

Ok, so I had the surgery last Thursday and now I am learning how to live one-handed. I think everyone should try it. It makes you appreciate having two hands and being able to use them. And even more it makes me envious of those that are ambidextrous - or those that can use each hand equally well.
I think all of us should try to learn to use our left hand more in case we have to some where on down the road of life. The fact that most of us are right handed or left handed is not good. We should use both hands equally. To bad we are not born that way.
If you have never done so you should try using your left (right hand if you are left handed) or 'off' hand for a day or so just to see how awkward it is. Try brushing your teeth with your off hand. Or brushing your hair. Try eating or writing. Or try pulling up you pants with only one hand. Or tying your shoes. Or putting the key in the car ignition with your left hand, or shifting the car left handed (this one doesn't matter if you're right or left handed as all cars are built to shift with the right hand.)
Try it and learn to do a few things with your 'off' hand. You never know when you might need to do it.

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  1. I did that when I was taking piano lessons as a child, to strengthen my left hand. I did EVERYTHING with it for a while. I still can't write with my left hand, but I do a lot of stuff with it! I'm glad, however, that I don't currently have a manual shift on my car, however! Yes, it feels weird! I'm noticing that our grandson is right-handed already and he's just two.