Monday, January 16, 2012


I am probably one of the people in the world who cares the least about fashion. But I got to thinking about having the surgery on my wrist this week and what I have that will be comfortable to wear afterward while I am recovering. I realized that the only thing I wear anymore are pullover tee shirts with a long sleeved flannel shirt over the tee when it is cool, and sweat pants or jeans. I do have several pairs of slacks and some long sleeve shirts that look better than flannel shirts for wearing out. I hate wearing a dress and I don't even remember the last time I had a dress on.
So since I don't know just how much bandaging I will have on my wrist and thumb for the new few weeks and deciding that pull over tee shirts wouldn't be the most practical clothing I took off to splurge on a couple of new shirts that would be short sleeved, soft material and open down the front with either buttons or zippers. I got Hubby's guarantee that he would fasten the buttons for me instead of making me do it one handed.
I spent all day going to about 6 different clothing stores and getting more and more frustrated the more I shopped. It seems that women's shirts are about 90 percent pullovers which normally I wouldn't have ever paid much attention to as I prefer that kind. Everything that I found that was open down the front had tight long sleeves. The few that I found that would have been acceptable in a short sleeve where made out of material that was so rough that I would never have considered wearing it at any time. What they were made out of I couldn't figure out, except they all stated cotton. I never knew cotton to be that rough. Most of the ones made out of a soft material were so slinky I wouldn't be able to keep it on while lounging in bed or a chair or couch and would have made me sweat like heck. I prefer soft, cotton material next to my skin. Maybe that makes me a wimp but I figure that I should be able to have SOFT clothes if I want to. I don't think anyone but Hubby is going to care what I wear as long as I am covered. Especially as I am now considered a 'senior citizen'. (And maybe no one else on the internet is even going to read this post.)
(That includes bras. I threw out all my regular bras about 20 years ago when I found a cyst on my spine right where the metal fasteners on my bras always touched my back. It was a different kind of cyst than the ganglion cyst I am having removed from my wrist. The cyst on my back was removed and when I had to wear a bra for work or nicer trips to where ever I wear the cotton sports bras that don't have any fasteners. It wouldn't be approved by those that care about so called fashion styles but I don't want another cyst on my back right on my spine. Maybe that is more information than you who are reading this want to know, but women should be aware that this can happen from wearing those horrid, ridiculous contraptions called bras. If men had to wear them they would have been banned a long time ago.)
Finally I gave up and went to Walmart (I had already been to Sears, Penney's, KMart, Target, and Burlington Coat Factory (for those that don't know Burlington, they carry all kinds of clothing.) and hunted for some shirts some more. Finally I found a pair of summer pajamas with a short sleeved top that opened down the front. (I have two old pair of flannel PJ's that are long sleeved and open down the front that I may cut the sleeves off of if I need to. But I wanted something new.) I also found a nice black shirt that is soft, short sleeved and open down the front that I can make do with and will be a half way decent dressy type shirt for later on.
Now I just hope that with in a week or so the bandages will be small enough I can pull on some of my larger tee shirts with hubby's help.

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  1. Good luck with the surgery. Years ago, I had a ganglion cyst and looked up treatments. The most cited one at the time was to find a great big heavy book, place the hand on a firm surface, and smash the book down onto the cyst. Sounds pretty barbaric, doesn't it? It worked, too.

    One of the nice things about becoming a senior is that we can dress to please ourselves. I have all my Goodwill-purchased clothing (the only kind I own!) lined up in the closet by color and create outfits for the day depending on whether I am in a blue, pink, green, orange, or yellow mood. I've got some nice stuff, all purchased on Wednesday, the day when they give a further discount to people over 55.

    I have absolutely no idea what is in style, but I like a good bargain!