Monday, December 26, 2011

Kitten Disaster

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas but must admit I am glad it is over. It has been such a hassle this year what with the snow, rain, ice, mud and all the nasty weather. I got so upset everytime I tried to do some shopping because of all the other shoppers that were so rude everywhere I went. We did put up a tree although I was against the idea as I was afraid the now 7 month old kittens, Cassie and Twinki would spend all there time climbing it and knocking off the decorations. We put it on the new sunroom even though the sunroom isn't finished and it looked really nice in front of our floor to ceiling window. And a mircle, the kittens never climbed the tree although they did their darnest to pull off all the decorations in reach of the floor. But------- the canceled the idea of having any nicely wrapped packages under the tree. Twinki decided that all packages and gifts had to be unwrapped faster than the time it took me to wrap them. She would use her teeth by simply sliding her fangs across the package to tear the paper then start pulling at the small paper strips she had made. then she would start using her claw. I hadn't put any ribbons on anything as I expected them to pull ribbons off but not to unwrap the gift like that. She went from gifts to other things. Sometime ago we found that she though tinfoil was for tearing into tiny little silver flakes to scatter in the kitchen using her teath. But now she was going after plastic bags full of cookies. chip bags, cat food bags, dog food bags, a bag of sugar, and one of flour, and even a bag of cat litter. If it could be torn open using her teath or claws she was going to do it. Of course Cassi would sit watching until the bag would open and then help her scatter the contents. Thankfully most of the time I could hear the commotion and be able to remove the bag of what ever before there was to much of a mess. Presents were all put in the closet until Christmas morning, and all bags of food go in the refer or a cabinet now while the cat litter is in the garage.
I do have to admit I took lots of photos of them helping unwrap the gifts on Christmas morning and playing in the pile of left over paper and boxes.


  1. Ah, not as disaster-ish as I feared when I read the title of this post. This made me smile, thinking of all the precautions we take for the sake of our pets during the holidays. The tree is usually wired to the wall so it won't get tipped over. The ornaments only go about halfway down, since even our more mature cats get silly about swatting them. The gifts couldn't go under the tree, because we are taking care of a young male pup, rescued from the road, and we feared that he might "mark" them for his own! Oh, my. On the other hand, we had so many laughs watching the antics of our little friends, it was all worth it.

    Merry Christmas (a bit belated), Sage!

  2. Sounds like you had your hands full with the kitties. Kind of cute though that she knows how to open presents. Maybe she was looking for something for herself. Anyway, I'm glad Christmas is over too. Hope you had a good one.