Sunday, December 04, 2011

Cold Weather

Cold Weather has arrived. It seems early for it but I rememeber a few others times like in 1968 and again about 1987 when it got this cold before and right after Christmas. Anyway I can't change it so we dug out the heated water buckets for the horses and got them set up yesterday. They worked last night for which I am glad as usually each year we have one that some how gets damaged during the summer and has to be replaced.
I have dug out the cold weather curtains to put over the windows. I don't like them but have used them for over 20 years in the winter as they are backed by a rubber that really helps keep the cold out. Just makes it so dark in the house. I pull them during the day but still wish my thin curtains would be enough.
We got a skiff of snow on Friday night and again on Saturday night. Not even enough to be good for taking photos. But the dogs have loved it. Ziva didn't seem to remember about snow from the one or two little snows we had last winter. She ran out and stopped. Smelled it, tasted it and started running and playing. Lots of fun for dogs, but muddy dogs arn't fun for me.

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  1. My dogs love the snow and so do the horses. The first few times anyway, then I think it becomes as annoying to them as it does to me. Anyway, we're starting to get colder too, but so far no snow which is just fine.