Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Pay Fireman to What?

Today while in the store I got to see what the fireman of our community are really like. I got in line behind a group of fireman. (mind you each time I go to the store regardless of what time of day it is the fire truck, rescue squad, or several cop cars are sitting outside the door) I stood there and stood there waiting and waiting while four fireman took there good ole' time buying their one or two snacks with credit cards that would not work in the machine, making the cashier have to punch in the numbers while they laughed and gossiped. (do these men not carry a couple of dollars in cash on them?) After about 15 minutes of this one of them turned to me and said he was sorry to take so long and grinned. I couldn't help but say I was about to pass out from having to stand so long in an overheated store,(walking through a store and standing in line waiting seems to make my back, legs, knees, and feet hurt worse than about anything I have to do) and that my frozen foods were melting. This caused them to laugh and snicker. They didn't care at all that they were holding up a handicapped woman using a cane besides frustrating the cashier worse and worse. They were acting like a group of disrespectful teenagers.
These firefighters want my respect for what they do but won't give me any. Do they really think that I can expect them to help me if my house should catch on fire or if I have a serious medical problem or accident.
Do we really pay men to act this way while they are on duty in a public place?

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