Monday, December 27, 2010


On the national news this morning the newsperson was talking about 40 mph winds blowing tumbleweeds across the freeways in Los Angeles, CA. Why is it that if it happens in New York, Florida, or LA it makes the news but weather most other places never does. We have winds like that with tumbleweeds blowing across the roads frequently but no one mentions it on a national news. We are having a blizzard in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorada and it is right now hitting Albquerque and Rio Rancho but national news could care less.
The wind is blowing the snow sideways, and that wind has a heck of a bite to it even though it is still about 28 degrees. We got all the horses fed, and since it's trash day the trash is out before it hit, but I caught a glemse of one of the neighbors trash blowing down the street cause they can't put the lid down on their trash can. So I guess the rest of us will have to pick it up and put it in our trash cans for next week when we can get out to get it.
For now I am staying in the house. Finally convinced the dogs they really didn't want to stay out in that stuff. Had to dry them off when they came in. They fuss over who is going to get dried first. Both of them really like it when I take an old towel and rub it over them. They will carry their towel around on their back for a while afterward. Ziva wasn't sure about it when i first did it to her but soon she was loving it.
I hope the horses are staying in their shelters.

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