Friday, December 10, 2010

Just One Clerk?

I sent off 4 small packages of Christmas presents today. And I swear I'll never do it again. It isn't the having to buy the present it's the having to wrap it, then find a box the right size to mail it in. And worst off all is the trip to the Post Office. I can't understand why the PO is always wanting to raise the rates they charge for mailing packages and letters. I just spent $45 to mail those 4 small packages. Thats about $11 each. That does include the minimum $50 insurance. I found out last year if you don't have insurance on a package the PO laughs at you and says 'tough luck' if the package doesn't make it where it was going. It was my fault for not putting insurance on it, not theirs for making sure it got there even though I payed them to do so. Not only do I have to pay them and buy the insurance to make sure they get it to it's destination I had to stand in line for an hour while 1, I said one, clerk worked the line. I felt sorry for the guy but why can't the post office hire a few more people to wait on all their customers that want to mail all those packages that won't all get where they are going. Just one clerk! All of us in line kept saying the same thing Just one clerk! Where does all that money go that we pay to have those packages and letters delivered.

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