Thursday, December 16, 2010


We may not have snow for Christmas but we have snow now a week before Christmas. Started as rain early, early this morning changed to snow about noon and have about an inch in some places now. Hard to keep a 7 month old pup cooped up when she wants to get out and play in that white stuff that she has never seen before. She seems to really like it and has learned to let me dry her off when she comes in. Had to let her out to play as I couldn't seem to play her down here in the house. She won't learn to play fetch with a ball for some reason.
So good to see the rain and snow as there was a forest fire down by Reserve and some grass fires somewhere else. I was so very very dry and had fire warning everywhere.

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  1. I wish it would rain here, and I never thought I'd hear myself type that! Everything is frozen solid, and although everywhere looks pretty with white frosting, we are not used to it this cold ... roll on the spring.