Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Rain Came

The rain came sideways last Saturday. I don't think any of it came straight down as it should considering it comes from the sky. The winds were terrable and the rain was hard with a bit of hail mixed in. And again I say it came sideways or horizonal. The barn leaked, the yard was flooded. You would have thought we had a pond in the big horse pen, and in our back yard in the garden area. And the horses were drenched. They wouldn't stay in their shelters but I don't think the shelters were doing that much good considering that slanted rain. Then a block down the road from us someones big camptrailer must have been leaking as they were standing on it trying to put a tarpe on it. And that caused my bay quarter horse mare Nita to panic, even though it was almost a block away from us. Thankfully none of the other horses seemed to care about that, only the rain. Poor Nita, she just stood staring off toward the trailer, trimbling with fright and cold. I gave them an extra flake of hay to try to calm them and to help keep them warm. By the end of the day rain seemed to be gone.
But it froze my tomatoe vines that night. Not bad but enought that I knew it was only a matter of time until we have a hard freeze so we pulled all the green tomatoes and have them sitting around the house so they can rippen. hubby loves them but I have to force them down even though I know they are good for you. Any one know of anything to do with green tomatoes other than frying them?
Monday we dryed out a bit then today, Tuesday we had more rain, off of Hurricane Norbert. At least this came straight down instead of slanted. Have clear skies tonight which means it will be cold.
Moon is full and bright.


  1. I'm pretty sure I saw a recipe for a salad with green tomatoes that sounded pretty good. I never have access to green tomatoes so I didn't keep the recipe but I'll bet you could find one on the internet.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. My DOR used to live in Tuscon Arizona when she was little.
    You have a nice blog