Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am so glad to get the comments from people who have had migraines. Sometimes it feels as if I am all alone in fighting with mine. And that no one else ever has one. I still know lots of people who had never had one, including lots of doctors, and they usually of the opinion that a migraine is just a headache. I don't think anyone can imagine what a migraine is like until they have had one.
My dad was that way. He thought that my mom and my sisters and I were faking it for sympathy and to get out of work until he had his first one in his late 60's and I had to take him to the hospital because of the migraine.
So to those of you who have had them. Yes, that one will pass but there will always be another one at another time.
To those who haven't ever had one. Count your blessing and prey you never do.

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