Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rotten Mess

Now the whole rotten mess is starting to really depress me. I have never been a person that wanted to be in the "limelight". I don't think I have had my photo and name in the newspaper since I was about 12 and in Girl Scouts. That was a long time ago and it was a group of girls not just me. I have always been "shy" and stayed in the back of any room out of the way, where I could watch and not be seen. I never gave my "2 cents worth" of opinion unless asked (expect that I can do it this way on the Internet and it seems like no one can really find out who I am this way).
Now it seems as if everyone must have read that article and be watching me. I feel as if there are eyes watching me every time I go out the door to do anything. Even just to go out and feed the horses.
Not a good feeling.


  1. ... I think that your neighbours are thinking "well done you for sticking up for yourself against ridiculous bureaucracy" all decent people will be on your side. Keep strong and keep fighting this, you'll win through in the end. xxx

  2. It'll pass. Just take a deep breath and then go spend some time with the horses.