Sunday, June 01, 2008

In The Newspaper

When I went to the zoning department meeting 2 weeks ago I didn't even think that there would be newspaper and TV reporters there, and I didn't even notice them as I was so concerned with trying to get zoning to give me the permit to keep all of my horses. A few days later a reporter from the Albuquerque Journal called and wanted to do a story about my delema. I was glad that she called me as I had been considering wheather I should call them or a TV sation or not. The article came out in this mornings Sunday paper and was done very nicely. Here is the link to it.
I did have some trouble getting on to it and found that they wanted me to subscribe but I could click on 'Trial Issue' and then on 'Read Article' and get to it. I was disappointed that the photos done by a very nice photographer were not on the website, as they were in the paper. We can hope they show up later.

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