Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Thanks to all who have read my blog about my trip to Oregon and Washington. I have had fun going through my photos and remembering the trip. By doing this I figure it will make the memeories even better. This way I have a record of my trip, as do Jan and Cyndi who make the trip so enjoyable for me, even thought they feel bad a lot of the time because of the car accident they had been in right before I got there. If anyone wants to know more about the places mentioned on the trip to Olympic National Park, you can google it, or use any search engine and find tons of information. It is well worth seeing, if only for a day or so. I would love to be able to go back and send a month or so in that area seeing all the sights I saw before and the ones I missed.

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  1. Great photos. Oregon is beautiful and so is Washington. I live in Maryland but get to the Seattle area on business quite a bit. Every chance I get I take off into the mountains and go hiking. I'm going to put Hurricane Ridge down for a future trip :-)