Friday, January 04, 2008

Day 3

My trip really began on Day 3. And to top it off it was my birthday. Yes, August 3 is my birthday. But you have to guess what year I was born in. I'm not tellin'. Jan was playing tour guide and had planned a special trip up the Washington coast to the Olympic Peninsula with stopping spots at various points in Olympic National Park.
We were up early and packed a small suitcase for each of us as we planned to be gone over night. Maybe two or three nights. Plus we had an ice chest, picnic basket, and snacks. It would be a long day with lots of driving. First stop was at the Happy Hound to drop off Paddy. Then it was on to a grocery store where Jan and Cyndi picked out 3 very small birthday cakes. Yummy! We decided three small ones would fit better in the ice crest than one large one. Plus everyone got to pick out their own flavor
Leaving Clatskanie and Longview behind we headed north across Washington on Highway 5. Just beyond Centralia we turned west on state road 12 until we caught Highway 101 at Aberdeen.
Lunch was to be a picnic where ever it looked good to stop when we reached Olympic National Park. We found a nice little camp area as soon as we entered the Park and right off the highway. We are all three starved. Cyndi led the way to a picnic table under some huge old trees and we had ham sandwiches, chips, potato salad, and cold drinks. It was warm being the third of August so we were hitting the water and sodas hard. But it didn't seem that warm to me as at home, in New Mexico, it would have been down right hot.
After living in the desert for years it was wonderful to see the green of moss on such big, beautiful trees. There were ferns, and what looked like a wild shamrock under some of the trees. Some huge logs made hiding places for fairies and elves but I didn't see any.

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