Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wood shed

For the past 2 years we have struggled with the firewood under a couple of old sheets of plywood and a taryp. This year we decided to build a woodshed to keep the rain, and snow off the wood. And to have a place to split the wood. So what should be so hard about building a woodshed? I figured we could do it in a weekend easy. We seemed to have all the materials already --- posts for the corners, 2 X 4's for the supports, and rafters, and plywood for the roof, and even some left over sheets of tin to put on top of the plywood. My perfectionest husband, Lee, has spent all weekend on this project and the shed is only about half done. We had to use the leval and the square to make sure it was leval and square with each and every little bit we did. He was driving me nuts. We did get the posts in and the plywood roof on with the plywood back wall up. Still have to do the two ends and the tin on top. And of course then have to move all the firewood we cut a few weeks ago into that new, and perfect woodshed.

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