Thursday, October 27, 2005

This Week

BlackJack, the horse with the injured leg is doing much better. In fact he is almost well. I started lunging him this week and he seems to be enjoying it. He is diffently glad he is being turned out everyday instead of being cooped up in his small pen.
We got a load of hay on Tuesday. Alphala. It's $6.00 a bale. Guess it will never go down to a decent price again. (like gas). The farmer I buy the grass hay from is trying to get a last cut. But rain has not been cooperating. His first try resulted in the hay getting wet and only good for cows.
I gave BlackJack and Nita a bath. I like to do it at this time of year to get all the gunky, sticky, smelly fly spray off of them before really cold weather comes. I don't bath horses in winter. Don't have the falicities for it. (No indoor bath area, with hot water heater. Some horses are oh-so pampered.) At least Jack and Nita were nice and clean and soft when I finished with them.
Now to do Star.

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