Monday, October 10, 2005


AAAAAaahhhha. That was a big sigh.
It is so terrable that in this day and age that regardless what you do, someone is bound and determined to find a way to try to make money off of you. I am referring to all the unwanted spam-type advertizements that are popping up in the comments section of these personal blogs.
I am being forced to fix my blog so that machines cannot leave ads, spam, and/or unrelated site information in the comments, as well as some other individuals who only want to leave messages that I wouldn't want to be seen by anyone, let alone children.
From now on if you want to leave a comment you will need to do a
'word verification'. I am sure you have seen them before. A little box where you have to tye in the letters and number shown. They have been popping up on some of the email sites when the site thinks you might be spamming. (Like when I send several emails to family and friends with the same subject line, like at holiday time, but make each one a little bit different so it is more personal.)
So I apoligize to any one that might be offened that I am doing this, but I wish to remind you that you did not want to see some of these comments.

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  1. It seems like everyone I know is fighting spam on their blogs! Check out a writer I know with similar problems:

    I still haven't turned on the comments on my blog because I don't know if tblog has word verification or not.