Monday, October 10, 2005


I tried leaving a comment now that I have the 'word verification' on.
And it's really easy. It may not stop all of the nasty comments but should stop the automated ones.

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  1. I dream of living where you live, perhaps you dream or did live where I do, in the middle of the Midwest. Five hillside acres with a view 8 miles across the valley. Two ponies, two dogs, two cats. Even in a drought everything is green, still grows, always rains. Maybe not at the right time, but it still rains. One good rosebush. Lots of winter squash from the garden this year. Enjoy your writings. Don't know anything about blog, first foray.
    My big, old pony is lame, unknown cause, to be investigated, well know horse race vet nearby will look at him, did once already, old guy has every sort of arthritis possible from the knees down. Put him on megadoses of glucosamine and that has held him for light riding/driving the last few years. Old man is also blind in one eye, but still wants to go, be with me, get in the horse trailer. I just rode him a few weeks ago in my girlfriend's 5 ac. field. She on a young spooky one, me on the old reliable. He's a good team player that way. But take him to a parade and he will gather up, lift those knees and strut, all out and big time. Which someone, before me, did a little too much of, hence all the arthritis. No complaints here, I think this is the kindest home he's had. HCC